How you can use amazon prime video creatively at

Amazon prime video now becomes the world’s one of the most-watched streaming platform. In 2020 Amazon Prime video force audience to switch to them due to their amazing shows and movies. And to keep this legacy amazon prime video is now one of the favorite platforms of the directors to launch movies and web series. But apart from that, you can learn so many things with the help of amazon prime or we can say you can use amazon prime more creatively. We starting looking at many ways which can help you to learn new things with the help of amazon prime. In this article, we will figure out how you can do this.

Creative ideas to use amazon prime at and

Make movies your best buddies

Movie or web series selection completely dependent upon the mood of the viewer. The mood swing of a human being cannot be handled by the other human being but it can be done by movies. So, take help from movies to handle your emotions and feel relaxed. As per research, movies can be the most beneficial healing therapy for people suffering from an emotional crisis. So switch on Amazon Prime to choose your best friend.

Learn Different Languages

Learning new things can never end in life and learning new languages can be the most exciting thing ever. If you have an Amazon Prime video then you can learn many new languages because it comes in almost every language of the world. Now you don’t need to go to a tutor to learn a new language, you can do it by sitting at home along with watching movies and web series. You can screen on the subtitles in your preferred language to known the meaning of different words and phrases.

Learn to make songs

You can not only watch videos on Amazon Prime Video but also enjoy music. So, if you want to learn songwriting then you need to analyze songs and try to understand the process of song making. With amazon prime video at or, you can listen to songs as many as times you want, and then you can take a step ahead to write your song.

First day First Show

If you are a movie freak and want to watch the first-day first show of your favorite movies and web series then amazon prime video is your stop. You can not only watch then on the first-day first show but can also watch them as many as the time you want. So, you never need to wait to watch movies to spend on a theater ticket every time. You only need to pay the subscription fee and you can watch your favorite movies any number of times.

How to activate Amazon Prime Video?

Follow the below-stated steps to activate amazon prime video for various devices:

  • Visit your device and launch the application to get the activation code.
  • Now go to the or and login to your amazon prime account.
  • Enter the activation code and click on the “continue process”.

Now you are all set to watch amazon prime video on your device. The steps are applicable for all the devices eligible for Amazon Prime Video.


Amazon prime video is one of the most amazing platforms to watch movies but if you use it creatively then you can learn so many things from it. To get your amazon prime account visit and enjoy. If you have more creative ideas to do different things with Amazon Prime video then share with us in the comments section.

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