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Amazon Prime is the best entertainment video service provider in the world. It is owned by Amazon Company which is located in America.It provides entertainment in high quality that is why it is mostly streamed video service in the world currently.

Amazon prime service requires an internet connection for registration of its service. You need to first register or sign-in before you are able to use the services of Amazon prime on your Internet-enabled devices.

In order to, use prime service on your Android TV. Follow the below steps;

  1. First of all download and install the Amazon prime App on your Android TV.
  2. By using the remote which is along with the internet-enabled device. Press the home button on your remote.
  3. Open the downloaded Amazon App and select register on the Amazon website option and click on it. A code will be generated there.
  4. Now open your computer and go to your browser. Search and open this site.
  5. If you have already Amazon prime accounts then click on the sign-in option. However, if you do not have Amazon prime account then click on creating a new Amazon account.
  6. Now when you have done the above steps that is sign-in or creation of new account. Click to log in into your account on Amazon website and provide the code which you got from step three in order to link the Android TV with the Amazon account.
  7. Select on the continue option on your Android TV.
  8. A successful message of your confirmation will be flashed on your TV screen when your registration is successful. If it does not show then repeat the steps again above mentioned.
  9. Now you are ready to enjoy the Amazon prime video services on your Android TV. Keep enjoying it.

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